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BraIn 19th century there was little evidence of garments and clothes that remotely resemble a bra.  In ancient times, there were few mentions of a strip that was tied under the breasts to give them support and shape.  The corset was very popular in the 15th century and one of its main functions was to shape and lift breasts upwards.  The modern bra with two different cups gradually created through the beginnings of a corset in the 20th century.
But you can see today the bra is considered a sexual garment which is used to highlight the sexuality of womens breasts.  It is quite clear from bra advertisements which are used to popularize bras as quite seductive and enticing.  Though you will not be able to find many women who do not wear a bra, even wearing some braless dresses are related to or seen as feminism.  If you put feminism aside there are many health reasons or benefits that wearing a bra provides women besides just turning eyes.

Why wear a bra?

bra girlMore than 50 % of American women prefer to wear a bra without even questioning it.  In this article you will learn different reasons why wearing a bra is important?  Women who have large breasts need a bra for  support and  to keep them in their proper shape whereas other  women who have a fibrocystic breast disease can gain a great amount of relief from breast pain by wearing a bra.  Many women wear bras for cultural reason where as others will style a bra to look great in a dress.

Are breasts really more comfortable with bras?

Seamless BraThe women who are used to wearing Bras hardly find any discomfort or pain.  But if you choose the wrong kind of bra that does not fit properly on your breasts then you may feel tightness and discomfort.  When you remove it you feel relaxed and are able to breathe properly.  There may be a formation of red marks on your skin due to the tightness of the elastic used to prepare your garment.  If any of the above mentioned misfortuns has happened to you then probably you should check for your correct bra size.  Since you cannot go braless in today’s society you must understand breast comfort is something that comes above everything.  Also, if you do not look into ill fitting bras seriously, you may increase your chances of acquiring breast cancer.
Breast Cancer Risk and Bras
Bras have been connected to breast cancer in the studies carried out by Soma Grismaijer and Sidney Ross singer.  It has been found that women who prefer to wear a bra throughout the day had 113 fold in pain and in breast cancer as compared to those women who just wear it for 12 to 14 hours.  The study suggests the bra exerts more pressure on breasts and to the nearby area preventing flow of lymph that further cause toxins and waste material to stay inside the breasts instead of dispersing.  This effect may be because most of the women do not know the right size of their breasts’ and wear the wrong fit which may be too tight for them or may not fit them properly.  Therefore, the important health lesson today is to wear your bra no more than 12 hours and to use a bra calculator to find out the exact size of your breasts’ and purchase the bra which fits your breasts properly.