Bra Sizing - Just Need to take your Breast Size

Bra Sizing (click here for garment sizing)
To get your measurements make sure the measuring tape is straight across your back and pulled snug. If the measurement is an odd number, round up to the next even number.
1/2 " to 1" = AA cup
1" to 1 1/2 " = A cup
1 1/2 " to 2 1/2 " = B cup
2 1/2 " to 3 1/2 " = C cup
3 1/2 " to 4" = D cup
4" to 5" = DD/E cup
5" to 6" = DDD/F cup
6" to 7" = G cup
7" to 8" = H cup
8" to 9" = I cup
9" to 10" = J cup

Women are rarely aware of the changes in the breast size and hence end up purchasing the wrong size. The wrong size of bra will alter the shape of your breasts. An individual is subjected to body changes due to aging or water retention. The below written content will help you in finding the right kind of bra to fit your body.  Sale personnel will help you in measuring the right size of your breasts but in case you are shopping online then you will have to do all the measurements on your own.
Is the bra you wearing is the right size?
If your back strap slips and the band is tight then it is perhaps not the right fitting bra for you.  If the band you are wearing is tight and uncomfortable then the size of the band is larger than the cup size. Make sure the cup size you wear does not have any empty space in it.
If your band is tight or your back straps slip up then it means your cups are small. If your band is tighter than being comfortable then your current band size is larger than the bra band that you are wearing.  Make sure that the cup of your bra does not have any empty space and your breast fits in it completely.  If you feel that the current cup size you are wearing is too tight then you need to purchase a different bra.
If you like to wear an underwire bra then you will have to look for larger cups because they pressed to deeply and side rings are small so you need a bigger cup in such case.

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