Types of Bra

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There are many different types and styles of bras used by women corrently, a few of the various types of bras are listed with descriptions below:

  • Strapless Bras
  • strapless bra
  • Push up Bras
  • Push up bra
  • Nursing Bras
  • nursing bra

    Different kinds of bras are supposed to be worn with different styles of dresses which will show off the beauty of your dress and further accentuating your body's curves and features. There are several styles and forms of bras available in the market. When purchasing a bra you must look for the fit and style. The basic colors like nude, black, white and others are necessity. The style of the bra must go with your dress.  There are many types of bra like strapless bra, plus size bra, nursing bra, push up bra, sports bra, shelf bra, bra and panties, playtex bras, invisible bra, bra cups.
    Each Bra is Made for Specific Occasions.
    Sports Bra: Sports bras are obviously manufactured for women who play sports or are involved in running, jogging, or exercise in general. The sports bra does not have separate cups which holds the breast up so they are secure, preventing discomfort. There are different forms of sports bras for different activities.
    T-Shirt Bra: T Shirt bras come with an underwire that holds your breasts firmly, uplifting them for better cleavage. The cups are made of soft cushion and your breast or more importantly nipples are not visible through your t-shirt. T-Shirt bras are molded and seamless and provide full comfort and support.
    Push Up Bra: Push Up Bra are especially made to lift your breasts. The push up bras is also available in variety of forms. Push Up Bras are especially meant to provide you with the best fitting so your dress fits your body properly and brings out the shape of your beautiful breast.
    Padded Bra:  A padded bra contains pads which have silicon insertions providing shape to your breasts. Normally padded bras are made to facilitate and reveal plunging necklines. Often times padded bras are worn as fashion statements and provide your breast a unique shape. You can also go for the half cupped bra that aptly suits a minimum covered look. The padded bras are best for women with small breasts.
    Nursing Bras:  Nursing bras give comfort to expecting mothers or nursing women. These bras are designed to provide ease to a feeding mother.  Nursing bras have a flap which makes it easy to open and refasten.  The most comfortable nursing bras are ones which have a shoulder strap allowing the breasts adequate support. Nursing bras with underwire may look nice but may constrict the milk ducts and preventing milk from flowing.
    Plus Size Bra: Women who are obese or have very big breasts can go for the plus size bra. These bras cover the breast completely and hold them firmly so that you do feel uncomfortable.
    Invisible Bra: Invisible bras are exclusively made so you can wear them under a dress which exposes a lot of skin. An invisible bra provides you great support and is still not visible through your dress.
    Bra Cups: Bra cups are different from regular bras. They do not hug your body completely like the other bras do. They are just cups that have to fit over your breasts. It may take you a while to set them properly but when you do it will provide you with great support and comfort.

    All types of Bra and their manufacturer
    Today bras are available in variety of styles and designs.  You can find a bra that will fit for every occasion like wedding, pregnancy and sports.  Whatever you are searching in for a bra you will certainly be able to find something that will satisfy your needs completely.  So, whether you are looking to enjoy an innocent game or in need for a naughty seductive bra you will definitely get what you need.
    There are several companies that are working offline and online and provides you with all varieties of bras.  You can choose from the most expensive one to the cheapest one according to your choice and preference. You can even get the designer bras online.

    Some of the most common names that are topping the charts in the bra industry are:
    Victoria Secret: It is among the top brand that manufactures bras of all sizes and designs.  The bra’s that are created by Victoria secret are not only impressive to see but also gives you an ultimate feeling that cannot be contended by any other bra company.  You will find variety of styles and designs.  You can get them in all colors.  Especially the lace styled bra are the most demanded and seductive form of bra’s manufactured by Victoria secret.
    Enamor:  It is the other Bra manufacturing company that produces bras in all styles and kinds. You can choose a bra for any occasion. You can pick a T shirt bra or can go for the seductive ones.  But before you choose any of the bras it is important that you have complete knowledge about your bra size.  You must know the cup size of your bra so that it fits you completely and makes you look the best in each and every dress.
    You can even go for halter top Bras and backless bra’s that are created especially to be worn under particular garments.
    Dolce: It is also among the top companies that produces variety of bras.  The bra is expensive as it is designed by the designers.  They are available in unbelievable styles and colors so that you can pick the best one for your special occasion.
    Milano: Milano has been producing bra since a very long time and every year the new styles are introduced which are showcased in the fashion shows.  You can purchase different kinds of styles and designs online by browsing the Milano’s official website.
    L’Amore: It is an Italian Company that is very reputed and popular for producing beautiful bras made up of quality material that fits properly on your breasts and helps in enhancing the look of your body.

    You can choose the kind of bra that you are looking for from any of the above mentioned company but what is more important is to know is the right cup size so that the bra that you purchase fits you completely or else your breast may bulge out if you will purchase an undersized bra or it will hang in the oversized one.  So, be precise before choosing the bra that you want